Getting rid of Mordor Corpse Ship

Length of corpse/hull: 430 mm or almost 17 inches.
Widht: 100 mm or 3,9 inches.
Height of corpse/hull: Roughly 100 mm or 3,9 inches. It varies, as is evident above.
Painted: Yes, indeed.
Crew: No. But I suggest a crew of Goblintown goblins and regular Mordor orcs. I can see many interesting hobby projects around this.
Pieces: Three pieces. Main body/hull comes in one piece; the magic tower with the magic rock is one piece; and the head is one piece.

This is one of my favourite projects, both hobby wise and in end result. The model could easily be repainted or primed again without losing any details, and be made in a more sickly, flesh-rotting way. There are evil eyes etched out or rather burnt out of the skin on both sides of the head (where the gills would be, if the monster had had such things).

I put three Goblintown goblins at three different places for size comparison.

Details of the reinforced command-area above. Style: Mordor.

Rusting chains and metal reinforcements. The rust has discoloured the wooden hull.

Part of the corpse ship's aft, starboard side.

Hull without head. Materials used in this picture are: Artist cardboard (no acid-paper, thick), polymer clay (for the sawed off bones), skin is a mixture of various types of polymer clay (mostly Super Sculpey), 3D-printed chains (in PLA), glossy paper for some of the nails, wooden glue, plastic glue, super glue and tinfoil (filler and reinforcer for some of the sculpted areas), some details are wooden. There might be some polystyrene here and there, you'll have to check the blog for more details on the construction and painting.

Centered around where the orcish action would be, had the ship been crewed.

Interested in owning this ship? Offer me a somewhat decent price and it is yours!

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