Next boat project: A mechanical Whale?

Inspired by SeethTzeentch's latest review of a game, this picture popped by. How in the world could it be crowbared into the semi-Middle-earth world that my hobby now deals with? I would do its hull at water-level (there is a name for this amongst historical ship-model builders, something along like half-hull or water-hull).

1) Which side? Dwarves would be so kliché, but alas so suitable. Even though there are lots pointing towards them not being particularly water-liking in Arda, as they are in Warcraft II.
2) How would the front of the "boat" look like? Like a fishie?
3) Is it a submarine? No... rather a semi-submarine.
4) Number three answers the next question, which is about its way of attacking, what weapons it should have: A ram should be the primary weapon and something quirky that complements it based on the faction I decide to own it.
5) Colour scheme? Bronze and verdigris?

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