This is what I've been working on for a few days. They are now ready for the jaowsblogg. Khamûl, The Witch-king, The Betrayer and the Knight of Umbar. Next up is the The Dark Marshal, The Tainted, The Shadowlord and The Undying. The Dwimmerlaik is yet to be released...

They look better in the real world, of course. There are also a million little things left to do with the sculpting but I decided it was enough. Enough is enough, I thought and started painting them all without noticing that the Witch-king was unarmed. But he looks kewl, so that's allright.

The originals.

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  1. Kewl-awesome. Förutom att du har köpt geves ideer med att namnge the black ryders

  2. Hey dude! You have to update the blog now our I'll remove it from my favourites.