WotR-armies of the Jaowsblog...

Fallen Realms. Lots of converted command models that you won't see because of the awesome picture quality.

Mordor. Lots of trolls and a Fallen Realms ally (Black Numenoreans (conversions), which better suits in the Mordor list rather than the colourful Fallen Realms)

Elven Realms

Erebor. A somewhat small army with lots of single company formations.

Gondor. Notice the red Pelargir Veterans (models from Tom Meier's Thunderbolt Mountain (www.thunderboltmountain.com/) - #8310 Human [Byzantine] Hvy Spearman thrusting in Lammelar armor). The Pelargir Veterans, or Pelargir Marines, use the Rohan Royal Guard on Foot rules.

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