Rotflmao - LOL!!!111!!! Steve OMFG! ROX?

Ghouls (Mantic Games), Angmar

Dragon of Ancient Times (Llama), Misty Mountains

Sauron (Games Workshop), Mordor

Mordor Trolls (Games Workshop, modified by Llama), Mordor

The Ringwraiths Abroad (Llama), Mordor

Pictures below for other purposes other than to show off. In fact, the Mahûds were supposed to be black-and-white (AKA grayscale) to avoid copyright BS, but something got horribly wrong and the other two, size-comparisions got it instead. Well...

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  1. OMFG dude (LOL, 371T3), finally a real update! See I right or has Sauron a green shimmer in the metal? Och gulerna ser ju bra ut me. Tre (guld)stjärnor


  2. Hr du sett det här: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?catId=cat440134a&categoryId=1000019&section=&aId=5700005&_requestid=297040

    En massa SBG stats och regler som ligger utlagda på GW

  3. I have seen it...

  4. Thö gröna shimmer is sadly from the underground han står pau.