Goblin Warband

A bulked out Misty Mountains Goblin Warband (9 companies with captain and drum)

The trays await PVA+sand as well as some minor dwarwen stone work to show through the cave ground. From the captain, go four rows down and then three steps to the right: A based unit filler (in contrast to the modelled-on-the-tray fillers) in form of some unpainted crystals hidden behind a goblin with a shield. Pre-e-etty keewl. Other notables are the stalactites (spelling?).

And the last company furthest up to the right, in desperate need of more gobbos though I will not buy any more of them. So there will be some sculpting or perhaps a troll to bulk out in the middle of the formation...

4 kommentarer:

  1. That's pretty sweet maan. I give you.. 2.2 points for the effort (out of 2.5)


  2. Thank you Chimpy.

    I give myself 89 out of 104. That is about 92% correct. Or the equivalent of to rows to the moon and back (for all the British readers - a comparison).


  3. Oinloggad Llama (som vanligt)2011-02-06 21:49

    Aaahahahaha! Hehehehehehe....

  4. Men vänta, skrattar jag åt mitt eget skämt? Jag trodde det var Chingy som skrivit båda och låtsas missuppfattat sitt eget namn... bu...

    slash llama