GW new releases...

STOP THE PRESSES: Just noticed that the Warriors of Dale sprue contains 10 warriors, not a dozen. I will not buy a box because of this, but I am toying with the idea of stealing one from the LFGS...

Images shamelessly stolen from GW:s homepage:

I already own so many dwarves that I can't really get excited about these Erebor warriors. They are nice, of course, but I won't be buying me any.
    But the Dale warriors... my, my, do I like these miniatures. They even have the feeling of Angus McBride.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to get back up on the saddle when it comes to the hobby and the blog.
    So, what's up besides all other things listed in earlier posts (the Easterling project, rewriting of army-lists etc)? This is up:

- Repaint most of my models that were painted before 2011. This is a four or five year project which I will vary with "normal" hobby, AKA new models and sculpting projects. But the main project for the closest years will be repainting.
- Try to repackage a couple of the armies so I can fit some new projects in the tiny apartment I live in.
- I shall, thanks to el Zorro, take some pictures of the Tom Meier cavalry I have in the Rivendell army. Expect it soon or bash me verbally if it takes to long.

I had a tonne of other things to say but I am still tired and not fully 100% operational. My salutations to all of you!

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  1. Those warriors of Dale are good, yes. They feel believable since they have some sort of ugly details, but look good in total. Sort of like medieval Russians.

  2. And you've got to disable the captcha for anyone that posts with a login. Just use it for anonymous as I hate filling out those.

    1. Captcha removed. Couldn't just use it for anons, though, so we'll try a few weeks without it. If I get more than three or perhaps four spams, I'll enable it again. Is that satisfying?

      You haven't updated for a while, surely there must be something in relation to the hobby worth of note? Are there any international hobby-friends on your specific location? Get in touch with them - would love to see some pics from a local hobby center!

  3. Nice figures but I doubt I 'll be getting any of those new Erebor 'basic' dwarfs, (I've still got heaps of LOTR dwarfs untouched!), and as for the 10 figs per box Men of Dale - I seriously doubt it.
    Again the figs match the movie images for the Dale men, but that's just not how I envisaged them, so for me they further lack appeal... Shame!

    1. Yes - I bought me three extra boxes before they started with just one sprue in each box. So that suffices for me.

      I was wondering, FoB (above) thought the Dale men looked sort of Russian medieval with "some ugly details" which is an opinion I sort of agree with, despite my shallow knowledge of those ages. Still, I like them - if I were the one who'd designed them, they'd look quite different. How did you envisage them? It would be interesting to hear, if you have the time to share :)

      Myself, I thought them in harnesques and some green robes, simple but not ragtag-simple. Sort of how the Rangers of ME looks. I was surprised of this look and I can for my life not remember them from the movie... This is a good excuse to see the movie again :)