Still ill

A short and informative post here, since the light from the screen is hurting my eyes: I fell ill a week ago and am still not cured. Just your regular cold, but somehow it was armed with a mallet and smacked the living crap out of me (this is just a statement, not a way to get "naaw":s), the headache is probably something like that of Wolf Larsens in the end of the book...
     I see you when I see you.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Speedy recovery and look forward to seeing more of your cool work here when you're sitting up and taking nourishment! :-)


    1. Thanks man. I will soon be 100% up and running.

      The combination of neverending winter, the flu (turns out it was the flu, not a regular cold) and neverending work on the fraggel-mountain is sometimes tiring... good to have the hobby then :)

      Nice blog, BTW. It is quite new, yes?