Short hobby break

Should probably post this sooner rather than later: I am on a little hobby break for various reasons - mainly due to time constraints but also for lack of energy. A lack that comes from a temporary and physically draining job I have taken, a short contract which will last most of April. So, there you have it: I spend my evenings half asleep in my bed after work until I "go to bed", meaning I just fall asleep on the spot. The work days are of various lenghts as well...

I shall try not to indulge in the various issues at this new job, and I take advice from this man (or perhaps more correctly, his awesome shirt), trying not to be a whiny little thing...

I have some unanswered messages which I will tend to, as well as some comments wich needs reciprporpertaions (not entirely sure on the spelling, but I think I got it), but it might not be tonight, so please have patience with me - an unforseen board meeting gave me a lot of paperwork to deal with and I'd rather use Sunday for that. Yes, my priorities are a bit off at the moment - spending time with other interests rather than this hobby!

Other unsound interests take up my time! 
Well, not as weird as the above but close...

4 kommentarer:

  1. I hope the work goes alright. Still, looking forward to any of your various future projects!

    1. Thanks mister J! Work is barely acceptable but that's life I suppose. Also: I must not whine.

  2. That's how it goes. You'll be back. Until then.