Painting some Perry Miniatures: Men at Arms

Painted up, with some details still left to do (noses (used too diluted Elven Flesh), eyes on both man and beast), but I feel that the owner of these models will have to do that himself, because I am now done and done with them.

Great minds will be involved in the future.

I have now finished my extremely physically draining job and am expecting a sufficient pay check end of May, a pay check which I will use to fund my new project. A project that probably will involve a few other people than just myself, at least in a few months or years, even, if God wills (inchallah, wallah!).

In other news, Sweden have the least trust for it's media in the world... just a little sidenote.

Speaking of which... the day when Swedish media starts pushing the need for vaccines (I am all for vaccines) is the day I will start mistrusting it... just as an example...
George Soros, the man who fucked over the SEK in the early '90s and 
destroyed 1000's of lives; a true philanthropist... he's back with a vengence.

So, a "yay" and a "huzzah" for trustworthy politicians, leaders of NGO:s and vaccines! May you live long and prosper, you fucktards.

Peace out in pieces, you not-so-magnificient bastards!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hehe, does this mean you are officially back? Also, are those the same men-at-arms that I watched you painting over our last few skype sessions? Because if so, the camera didn't do them justice!

  2. It is indeed! And yeah baby I am back!

    Also sorry for the silly-late reply mister! :D