New Projects!

Firstly: I have been unable to comment on my own blog for a while. Not sure what's going on there, but I have had other exotic issues with the old Berta which I have every intention to solve ASAP!

New projects and a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo, just like we want it on a Friday.

Juuust right on a Friday...

But before going into the fun stuff, let's start with the shit-stuff:

I got my taxation permit for running a one-man-band, an idea that have been slowly boiling in my mind since 2011, but I wasn't good enough nor did I have the time. Now I am better at a lot of stuff - and I also have access to some awesome helpers and talented-creative-autists that will come in handy.
     The "permit" also included taxes for 4 000 SEK (roughly 410 EUR) and a little note that I was not allowed to deduct VAT-purchases before a certain date (the other picture includes one of three expenses on circa 200 EUR each)... wihooo! But, I live and I learn, and to be frank I actually laughed out loud when I got the taxation paper - who would expect anything else in the world's foremost tax-violent country?

I promptly consulted this "feel good" chart and went on with my life (consulted as in accepting that "yes, I do all these things").

Speaking of shit, these old markers for LotR: SBG finally met their doom. Their quality was obviously subpar and I never finished the project even after getting a serious start - never saw the reason to end it either. I threw it all away, off you go, I need the space for the upcoming space race to raise space for my New World Order Project. Well, I need space to store projects so I can somewhat feel free from work in the evenings, since I will run my mini-company from home.

The best part of being such a tiny guy (company-size-wise) is when you catch a really small fish, the contrast works in your favour. Hopefully, this analogy can be used in the world of miniatures.

The world (a view of the world in this case) can deceive an untrained eye... minatures... a miniature penis behind a tight skirt, as a totally unrelated and childish example, make a greater impact than an expected one when, for example, taking a shower after the gym.
    Not sure where I was going with this, but let's keep going with it:

(no, let's not) One of the new projects is just a piece of aluminium foil and some green stuff... but it has something to do with this:

(This man is really tiny, speaking of contrasts, 
and hence Donatello here is not that big)

Obviously my new project is not about killing small animals. In a sense, though, it kinda is... more on that later.

This project is not something someone (no client-item nor will I cast it up for sale) has asked me to do, I have merely started working on it as a way of relaxing from the other more demanding tasks. Next week I should have something better than some plastic clay on a metal frame.

Redoing things can be a good idea...

As some of you might know, I have been fixing some stuff with the Pack Beast (that's his name, nothing to see here copyright-gods) - also, if his name (Fudge, something-something) has any innuendo that I might have missed, enlighten me, I like humour but I prefer to be in on the joke... and not be the focal point of one due to stupidity.
     Took off both legs and did some heavy converting after consulting a trained sculptor with grand experience (bronze and such!).

Made an extra head to be cast - a slightly bigger, with detachable horn (thanks mr FoB for the suggestion) and a slightly craned neck and a weirder face.

Have been adding texture, sparingly... New head is the one without the horn attached.

Another project which I have been struggling with when it comes to making just the bare sketch of, is a creature inspired from above - I still want it to fit in the Scandinavian Midgard world (for some weird reason, Midgard can be translated into Middle-Yard, or Middle-Earth, even).
     I might even go as far as take a few minutes of your time in an upcoming update to ask for advice - this has been done before and I have yet to be dissappointed. Thanks Scott, Joshua, mr FoB and all you other hobbyists for helping in earlier cases! More on the matter in a later update.

All this paperwork, to get back to the beginning of this post, has made me drinking waaay to much coffee - and add antihistamines through the roof - hence this "funny memme- epic "-picture. Speaking of thinspiration (the small skeleton is very skinny, just skin and bones): When I sat down on my miniature balcony (it's all about minis with me) I started hating the nature for a short while, sneezing...

... and eyes running with water and flies zooming around my coffe and cream, for some reason... The project's work name will not be unveiled yet, but it is called "Nature Unbound" and it's prime inspiration can be seen in the image above this, an image I should probably refrain from posting and I will.

 However, in the end, it's all for naught and everything is a copy of a copy...

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  1. Wow! I didn't know fastitocalons were real?! Those ent designs look very interesting -- indeedy! Really looking forward to how that project evolves! And as to the giant pig-tortoise-cow (no copyright!) I really thought it was done?! But you are the sculptor so you probably know best!

    1. The tortoise will be a reduxed F-con, thanks to your kind words earlier :D