Sprouting entwife

See as this nagging piece of wood is sprouting and slowly comes to life.

This is a project I am doing in order to relax - it has been [in a way] a rather stressful time for me lately so I have allowed myself just to sit by the desk and add a little piece of SS and then just sit around, sketch a little bit on another project and then leave it all for a cup of coffee. Now, it is however time to let go of the hockey rink and go out on the ice on unsteady legs.

However, sometimes even physics is against you - the best laid plans and all that... the unexpected can and will sometimes happen and contingencies is a must.
    Like today: I had planned to sleep for an hour during lunch* but instead some form of workers started to work on the facade of my house. Extremely annoying sounds for around an hour before they went to lunch (right now, actually, speaking of which). Such is life when the boardmembers of the house wants to spend huge amounts of money on unnecessary projects.


So, so... back to the entwife. She will go around spreading deadly but beautiful flowers around her, looking happy and content, just looking like those girls in American movies who walk before the bride, throwing petals around them. 
    I have taken a lot of artistic freedoms with her design, deviating a lot from how an entwife might look according to the canon (I presume - can't say that I have ever seen a picture of an entwife). But that is the joy of our hobby, as long as you can reasonably explain a creature you've made, we've got a place for it. Just CROWBAR it in there! Wiiihooo!

Happy weekend fellow awesome hobbyists and painters and converters and forumites and termites and all you other assorted people!**

*) Losing sleep because I am unused to the amount of stress trying to start up a little company. 
**) I sound uncharacteristically cheerful towards my readers here, and I can only assume it has to do with me having slept too little the latest three or four days. Take it with a grain of salt.

Take it with a grain of salt, please.

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  1. Hehe -- fantastic! Really interested to see how this turns out!

    1. Yeah I am not entirely sure on the design, but again, it is just for fun and relaxation... :D