Trying to work - and clickbait!

This post is mainly clickbait to keep interest up in the blog. I do have some stuff going on but:

Also, I finished the second serious renovation of the Great Animal of Gergoroth (not copyright-infringing here), or Great Omnivore of Merdor or something along those lines.

So stay tuned for more Comic Sans, more clickbait and less content this week!

(no, seriously, I am soon back in the saddle)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Crack on, Llama! Looking forward to that non-copywriteable creation! :-D

    1. Haha! Happy to hear it mister! ;D

  2. Also sorry for the late reply, it had something to do with the other browser that I use - something about the anon-service and stuff, google likened it to spam or something. It happened in 2009 as well... time for it again, I suppose.