P&P - Parcels and Packages

Nota bene, not D&D, Darcels and Dackages. Not sure what that means. But here is yesterday's harvest from my friend and blogging colleague J - not entirely sure if I am allowed to post his name, but it ends with oshua:

Notice how our postal system added their own little sticker on it - no this did not come from Sweden - but from very far away, in what could just as easily be another galaxy: Africa! The southernmost country of the continent!
    The package startade off well with me: We do not use titles in Sweden, nor do we even use "mister" and "misses" and such - we used to have "herr" and "fru", mister and mam etc, but it was removed in the soft socialist revoultion in the '70s here in Sweden. Might have been earlier, come to think of it. So, mister, goes a long way in my book - makes me feel important!
   This custom has, by the way, given me a slight headache when in other countries, since it is so unaccustomed to me to use polite prefixes to people's names... but that is another story. Back to the biltong:

My friend who recently emigrated to another hot country used to make his own jerky, and inspired me to do the same. One day he mentioned, after sampling my okay-tasting jerky-try , that the South Africans, they know how to make some good dried meat called biltong.

This was mentioned to my friend Joshua, and he accordingly went off his way to get me some of the awesomeness that is biltong. And also some excellent fluid honey - it exists in Sweden but is overpriced and comes in small bottles - so now I finally have what I need to eat my mould cheese again :D
    Notice the bubble-wrap? That will be for another update, hehe... Inside of the bubble-wrapped hull was also a huge amount of oars...
    Not shown here was a bunch of interesting white metal pieces which might be used in an upcoming mould or for some conversions, we shall see...

This will be read from start to end. A very thorough illustrated timeline with a bunch of awesome nerd-knowledge for Llama's such as myself!
    Big thanks to J, he made my week! 

PS) I will get some hobby done soonish, there's just been too much other stuff going on lately...

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  1. hehe -- i'm glad you enjoyed it! There are some particularly interesting illustrations in the book.

    1. I found one of the pictures especially inspiring - it was a rather simple one, with some form of goblins or orcs that was very creatively stimulating! Again, big thanks, this made my month!

  2. Two different types of honey - let us know which your palate prefers Mr Llama.

    1. Just tried one of them, will get back to you when I have a favourite!