Dwarf Automaton!

This silly piece of a model...

... is but in it's infant-stage, but perhaps it will be realized. 

It'll be a beast though, that's for sure... not sure if I'd want it on the tabletop... (see above).

 Don't worry about the duck-face.
These two guards show the scale of this massive piece of resin. Expect it to be sculpted to llama-perfection just before the end of 2017. I am currently doing a BUNCH of things - just check the latest posts, it is Carts of Everliving Flames, giants of Midgard, models of this and that and etc...

Not to mention this piece of equipment.... A pressure chamber. Apparently, it can take up to 14 "atmospheres" or something. Not sure what that means, but I push 3 kg of pressure in it and finally my formerly useless moulds are now finally functional. This means that I might have a shot at reproducing my quite invested project known as the Dwarf War Chariot.

Moulds on the work-bench... Some of them was put in the pressure chamber.

Llama away!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Nice toes! XDXDXD Quick everyone! Its a llama toe reveal!!! ;D
    But seriously... That's wicked awesomesauce... And that's a hell of a lot of molds by the by!

    1. Lol! Toes FTW! Also, I might actually do something with this silly idea...