Pukel Man no 2

Just toying around with an old armature that I had laying around.

This is roughly the pose that I had first envisioned the Pukelmen would be in, from reading the modules published for MERP here in good old Thule (fun fact, and also the reason why I chose this guy with the Soviet-symbols: The "Ultima" in Ultima Thule was first used by the ultra-leftist cosmopolitan Karl ((Marx).

Instead of the above, we got this slightly awkward position. I have been trying a few variants of his arms, but I will go with the blunt ones. This guy is significantly smaller than the first I did sometime in 2011 or 2012.

Speaking of 2012: Do you remember my criminal neighbour who they tried to [redacted for anonymity reasons] shot in the forehead and one through the eye... Yuck...

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