Painted Haradrim Slaver (ship)

Started painting the Haradrim Slaver

Got really bored with this project, so a bunch of planned details were scrapped from the sketchy "blueprints". It started quite inspired... still it has a specific look so I think I shall be pleased still. Going to need to add some form of anchor, some more bones and ropes and then paint her crew.
It's got a weird and open hull for a reason. This is a light ship pulled by fish-things, which is why many chains and things protrude from the ship's fore (bow?), since that is how the haradrim control the beasts. They bring fodder (there is a specific term for that in the English language, I believe it is the left-overs of eviscerated food fish as well as small fish mixed together which you can throw in to attract fish before either diving or fishing for more fish).
Below deck there's cots and a large area with chains for the captured slaves to be brought back to the many slave markets in Near Harad and elsewhere. They have been known to take slaves from Far Harad as well as in Haradrim itself, from tribes that are weak enough to let themselves get captured.

The parts, never bothered afixing the look out tower. It is appropriate to repeat, in case it isn't obvious: It is annoying to make ships with masts - and I am not only talking about somewhat realistic model ships with rigging, no it's mainly about the problems with storing them. Surely I can make detachable sails and masts, but that is for later.

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  1. This is in fact, very awesome sauce! And in regards to all the little details... well, its a modular ship, and it works damn well as it is!

    1. Glad to hear it! Next up is the crew!