Wargaming ships

Three done so far. 

One for Harad, one for Isengard (yes, that is very strange, I know) and one for Mordor. 

- Haradrim Slaver, pulled by mega-fish.
- Isengard Steamer, steamboat.
- Mordor Corpse Ship, powered by a magic rock.

Very high-fantasy...

... just like the current trend. "Muh nukular threat!". Persians are good people and maybe their religious leaders aren't awesome, but they sure are much better than their counterpart in Saudi - you know, those that Sweden has done a loooot of military work for. And not to mention the US... But hey-ho, let's fuel the flames between Shia and Sunni, that's a good idea right? And Iran versus the rest of the world...

I dropped the Isengard Steam tank on the floor when I was extracting my mirror from my cupboard. It broke in seven or eight pieces - nothing terrible, but I decided to scrap it anyway, because I can always use the space for something else. Besides, the models on top can be used as crew for the Isengard Steamer.
Broken into smaller pieces. Bye, bye Steamtank, take your silly high-fantasy with you back to Age of Sigmar, in LotR: SBG there is no space for such silliness.

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