Manly Subject of the Week: Size comparison and Smoking.

Size comparison between my DIY-28mm-deer and a Warhammer-deer from the Sisters of Thorn-box.

These guys seems too large for me to use in my Edheldu army... If you have any suggestions for what to use them for, and a nudge to some suitable rules from the War of the Ring-rulesbook (let's say I were to use them as some sort of cavalry - but without a rider - what rules to use etc), please let me know.

Size comparison shows that this deer is closer in size to the ancient and now extinct giga-deer.

Other project: Rivendell Cavalry. Not calvary, that's something else - for some reason, the co-host on Pointhammered keeps saying calvary, I know not why. Calvary has something to do with Golgatha and Christianity.

And finally, this came to my attention: While trawling the "world wibe wedd" this picture had been posted somewhere. It might seem as a normal LotR-hobby table, but something struck me as different. Yes, you are correct. The ciggarettes. For some reason I never see hobbyists with ciggarettes... Why is that? It looks kind of cool, so I skillfully photoshopped some things onto my favourite table (the beautiful and tasteful golf-club-leg table which I have standing in my hallway) to make me look as "rad" and "groovy" as I should be.
But jokes aside, why is that most hobbyists tend not to smoke? Or are all you smokers hiding your habit as a homophiliac hid his habits during the 50's? For some reason, 80% of my boardgaming group are smokers, with mandatory smoke-breaks once an hour... Perhaps it has to do with the nature of our hobby, all this concentrated painting, hunkered down for hours on end is disallowing smokers to really get into it and hence rather quit the hobby than smoking?

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  1. Because all the smokers have died of horrible diseases? Sweden has less smokers than the UK but I don't know anyone who smokes and wouldn't want to!

  2. Heheh!

    The smoke, when fresh from the smoker, smells delicious and awakes a lot of nostalgic memories from restaurants (as a lad, when smoking was allowed inside). The smell of the smoke five minutes later from clothes and mouths are bringing less nostalgia and more annoyance.

  3. Who can afford fags AND minis these days?

  4. Oddly, I don't mind cigar smoke...just cigarette smoke but maybe that's because I had girlfriends who sometimes smoked cigars!

    1. Hmmm... I can see the positive association in this case (however disgusting cigar-smoke are for me) - at least if the endings with these girls were at least partially grown-up. There is, for me at least, always a risk of making negative connotations whenever there is a woman and her habits involved - habits first seen as charming and unique, later gets one growling with annoyance! Especially a habit so unusual for a girl such as smoking a cigar every once in a while!

      I think this illustrates the different worlds we have been living in (well, *are* living in) - and I get a bit jealous of yours now! ;)