Painting Rivendell Knights, phase 1

Text heavy update, but for once I can honestly say it is an acceptable read.

Just a quick update before moving on with other stuff: Please take notice of the sorrowful urethane copy made a few years ago. At the time this horse was cast I thought it marvellous to make a really bad copy of anything GW, because it felt I was actually making money.
     Today, I am wiser... or at least thought I'd become wiser: For some reason I wanted to save the other good horses in my bits-box for other projects that might have other homemade parts, to sort of balance things out. The philosophy behind being something like this:
      "This [Rivendell] project is so nice anyway with these beautiful models, so I might as well use something really shitty for this last conversion, because if I would use this crappy horse-copy on another project with less good-looking parts and lots of DIY-components, the whole project will look bad - so instead, I'll balance my resources, and end up with two acceptable projects, because in the end, my painting is just basic anyways and it doesn't matter if the models aren't perfect. Acceptable standards are okay."
    The above quote was my way of doing resource management in the world of 28mm wargaming. It didn't turn out as expected. It turns out this copied horse stands out like a piece of crap on royal crown. The contrast between the real models and my homemade parts was just too great.

I had to stop the project and go home because I actually ran out of Ceramite White when I tried to hide all the little failcast-bubbles, and weird miscasts on the horsie-porsie. Finecast really have a competetor in me, at least with this project.

The culprit is circled with red. Instead of writing sorrowful, I typed Saro, from the book, because it felt more appropriate. The wikipedia post is not giving a good description of that wonderful novel, so don't read it, read the book instead: The Book of Atrix Wolfe.

 Wikipedians. Yeah, that's what you are...

So, with that I bid my firewall and unplug and conclude that while this might have been a text-heavy update, it was for once quite readable. And not to mention you got yourself a personal and useful book-recommendation. Not for everyone, I agree, but nevertheless a good one [he said, overly pleased with himself].

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