Painting Rivendell Knights, phase 2

The moment I put a brush onto these models it sure was obvious that the short absence from miniatures and brushes had made my already not-pro painting skills to falter even more. To get to the level that the models are on the pictures below, took me copious amounts of time, sugar and coffeine. In fact, I have added 1,5kg to my belly trying to get these expensive models to look better than what they'd look if in bare plastics.

There are two reasons for me to remove the joy of painting by just forcing me to finish these Rivendell Knights: Firstly, when I finish these I may start doing some kitbash orcs which I have looked forward to since my hobby-paus in February/March this year (2014). Secondly, when these guys are done I have a crude-mark for when renovating my Rivendell army, which is also something I have joyously anticipated.

Models aside, I can happily welcome new followers: hobbyist Sanguemarcio, historical wargamer Der Feldmarschal, the great hobbyist Herr Werner and the one and only Dalauppror. It is always nice to know that people read or at least gloss over one's texts and pictures, and followers can sometimes be a sort of reciept that people actually give a crap of at least some parts of one's hobby. 
      This may or may not be important, for me and others, but sometimes it is just plain nice to get new followers. Even though I still haven't figured out how to follow blogs myself... and what the real point is? If someone can enlighten me on this matter, I will send you a... a... gift, perhaps... ?


Midsummer is kind of a big deal for many Swedes (as a happy racist, I am always up for some stereotyping and discrimination, as the link might imply). However, I am not only a crazy racist, no: As a true Swede, I do not see myself as nothing else than a human because it is seen as a bit "rural" to like and identify with people genetically close to oneself, especially when these people live within the same nation-state as oneself. It is seen as old-fashioned. Regardless of these kosmopolit-tendencies, most of us fall back to our true heritage when the summer solstice comes, and we all join together and gladly celebrate whatever it is we celebrate. Some more than others, as seen in the first image in this post...

The midsummer pole is a symbol of a wiener impregnating mother Earth. Thats subtelty for you, because it took me many years before I made the connection. Nowadays, the tradition of fucking earth has gone from religious BS to more of a simple tradition, like a Christmas tree. Funny fact: Last Christmas, December 2013, it was around 8C temperature where I spent Christmas. And now, during Midsummer's Eve, it was 8C at the same time of day... not a warm summer... Or, if you are a happy, positive idiot you could say that it was a nice and warm winter... I'd prefer not to say that.
    Long story short, it's all about summer solstice and paganism. And good food.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I think the knights are coming along nicely.

    1. Thanks mr Audin! Sorry about the late reply, hopefully I'll get back to the normal intensive posting soon.

  2. Yeah Llama, the knights look fantastic, Ive got hunter wargs to do for my Dol Guldur themed WoTR army and your stuff always inspires me,
    Thanks man

    1. Ooh, I have got to check that Dol Guldur-themed army out! Thanks mr Tucker :D