Rivendell revampation, part three

I have been having some minor computer errors (me, to be exact) but now I think this post actually contains something. The old models are much too bright, and especially the High Elf spearmen (or the two company strong Rivendell Cohort, in War of the Ring) are looking bad becase they are shameless urethane copies that I made earlier in my career as LotR: SBG-fan. Not all of them, of course, but seven or eight or so...

I very much prefer the more muted look of the newly painted Rivendell Knights than the earlier works on the infantry. Mr FoB has actually also dabbled with some of these models.

A lot of nice heroes, but I must say that looking at Glorfindel today, riding his Asfaloth, I do not find him especially nice a model... 

... but rules-wise he's awesome, so I rationalize it like an 18-year old girl why she's dating an 80-year old millionaire: I like him for his personality (see below for illustrative and explanatory image).

I will try to squeeze out a new company from this band of misfits. One really old counterfeit high elf spearman with a smashed in face has also found its way onto the likewisely produced tray, hehe... The command looks nice, though, but the models are a posed a bit weird, almost like they were trying to save metal and space when producing them.

Here's the reason why my waist measurements are increasing. I do my hobby at a place that is not my home, and the fridge is in a separate room two stories below. So I "have to" buy kebab (as this miscarriage of a meal is called).
     Fun fact: I was actually locked inside the company area yesterday. I stayed late and when I was going home through main gate 1 it had been locked 20 minutes early and I had neither passcode nor card with me. Strange times, locked in a huge company area with barbed wire around me kilometer after kilometer. I finally made a successfull exfiltration by merrily destroying parts of the southern gate and then climbing the outer fence. Security is tight, but apparently not that tight.
     Good times was had by everyone. Though I got a telephone call just now which I didn't answer, and I hope that the cameras didn't catch me whilst I was doing my not-so-agile ninja-stuff... I shall have to avoid my phone for the next week or so...

Ninja EDIT: Before commiting to my exfiltration plans I must confess that I stayed in the hobby-room/office for four hours. Destroying things is not in my nature, but when I finally got to know when the gates were to be opened (not so early morning) and that the nearest watchman responsible for the office-area I was locked in was in a town 80 km from where I was, I decided to execute my plans.

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