DIY Hunter Orcs, phase 01

These guys are what I have been tinkering with these latest hobby nights.

Last time I did something similar was when I used Perry Miniatures' Medieval Men at Arms/Mercenaries/Bows and Bills to make a crew for the Great Beast of Gorgoroth. Most of the different types of bodies from those boxes worked fine to make some sort of upright orcy-looking creatures. This time, though, I used Perry Miniatures Mahood Ansar/Somali Holy Jihad Warriors.
     They fit better than other models for a project of this kind and you can get a tonne of them for a nice price, which coincidentally also is the biggest drawback: I have used the bodies from the Ansaar-box when making TC:s for Abrakhan Guard, Mahûd Warriors, Orcs, Istari, GBoG-crew and now Hunter Orcs. The poses and bodies are very easy to recognize, at least for me, and I start to wonder if I haven't overused them. Which, of course, speaks in favour to the versatility of these models...

In the pictures above, the TC:s (Total Conversions, a term learnt from the art of modding PC-games) are still at beta-level. You can spy a "nice try" to make Azog in these images, but he is armed with a hook and a big hammer and has a weird face. His spindly little legs are in the process of getting muscles, so no need to worry about my mental health: The end result will hopefully look better.

Also, I have finished the Rivendell Cavalry, but have failed to get the latest work photographed. And adding insult to injury, the quality of these old pictures are somewhat lacking...

Also, I should add that this new and slower posting-habit is here to stay. I mainly do my hobby during weekends and my pace is much, much more slower than earlier years.

EDIT: Forgot two news, Pablo el Marques got his Arce Worlde-stuff. They might be closer to 40 mm... can't remember.

Also, mr Tommy Wiseau has made a "sit-com". Here's a litte sneak peak. Notice the very overt room number "420". Utter garbage, as you'd expect. And want from this man.

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  1. That's a great idea they are looking good.

    1. Thank you. It stands to see whether a lick of paint will further their looks or or not (I am not entirely sure if that sentence made grammatical sense, but hey, it's really late here).