DIY Hunter Orcs, phase 02

Azog is turning out okay. When it comes to rules in War of the Ring, I haven't decided on anything... surely someone has come up with something. However, as of now, I am more interested in finishing this little piece and paint him white so everything falls into place, design-wise.

 Torso from the Sisters of Thorn-box (Warhammer), head from a Hordes/Warmachine model and arms from Sister of Thorn. The oversized head of the hammer is a piece of sprue. Legs sculpted. Hook is DIY.

The first layer of paint has gently been placed on top of trays and bases of the Isengard army. Shown here are roughly half of the army.

Of the leftover High Elves, I was able to squeeze out an additional company of Rivendell Cohort. The captain will free up a model in another formation, which can then be converted into a spear-elf.
    There's really no need for a banner in a Rivendell Cohort, IMO, but if I am wrong, then I would appreciate if someone could enlighten me.

Azog (half-done) with his band of merry queeros - the Hunter Orcs still have rather effeminate jawlines - with their naked bases and over-average height (which is due to the Perry Miniatures integrated bases).

Abrupt end, good day and have a nice weekend.

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  1. Always amazed at what challenges you take on with the greenstuff... looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  2. Happy to hear that Scott! I have just made a little update :)