Frankenstein's Azog, part 03

Frankenstein's Azog is made out of bread, corrugated iron, a dripping and a bit of white paint. Et voila:

There are some stuff left to sculpt... I normally basecoat the things I sculpt or convert in order to better see what I have missed and what needs be doing.
       I did this conversion/sculpting without any pictures of Azog, so he turned out quite different than the official one. The hook was necessary because in this heat I would probably have crushed the last knuckle on my hand in anger whilst trying to sculpt the tri-hook he is equipped with in the movies...

Before I basecoated him, he was placed with a company of Hunter Orcs. He looks static in comparison with these guys, which is what I was aiming for. This due to two reasons: Firstly, I wanted him to look like he was leading and making the smaller guys go before him (after all, he is an orc leader, so what's the point in getting your hands dirty for nothing) . And secondly, it is a simpler task, sculpting a pair of basic, upright legs.

As usual, a little link follows. This blog has an interesting analysis of The Hobbit-Azog.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow he looks much better than the official one!

  2. Many thanks, I shall have to finish him then :) Despite the 32 C heat wave. We are not equipped for warm weather up here - no AC. Perhaps 32 C isn't that much to fuss about, but for me, it is.

  3. It's a nice blog you've got there, I have been trying to add it to the list here but blogger is out of control at the moment.

    I remember the old days of blogger (we're talking waaay back, like 2006!), when it really wasn't a fully functional platform to begin with. Nowadays it is better, but one sometimes get reminded of how bad blogger can sometimes be - not that it is very tasteful to complain on free things... but still, it would be nice if it worked 100%.