A world of symbols. Archetypes and clichées

Despite the rather egregious or perhaps even pretentious title of this post, we will soon leave the clouds and get back to white metal and plastics, where we usually flounder about. I know at least I do.

As old Platon used to think or say or write: There is a reality behind this world. Well, that was not really what he used to say, but I say it, and I do not really think so in the exact way I said it, but there are definitely a rather thin veil of bullshit surrounding us (this ties in to models later, please keep reading and looking at the images):

Which incidentally leads me to the picture below:

 ... and I don't even have an especially strong opinion on these guys, it just ties in nicely with the image below:

This is Sweden today. And that is the reason why I am sometimes a bit aggressive and angry here on  the blog, the semi-anonymity let's me convey my butt-hurt message from time to time. Deal with it, it's 2016.

But that is besides the point: I have been thinking of our hobby and the models, and how immensly popular 40K seems to be. Can it in part have to do with the re-use of a bunch of pagan and Masonic symbols? You know, the alluring world of symbols and what true reality they try to mirror? Or is it the mixture of grim-dark violence-fantasies that they portray? I know not, if some of the readers here could enlighten me I would very much like it, because I have an idea of a blog-post regarding the things mentioned in the start of this post, but I would like some input by you before doing that. 
     I am not entirely sure this blog has that many 40K-fans, but if you have an opinion on our hobby and what it really is with it that makes you like it, please comment below.

So, this post pewtered out when I realized I was not ready to type it out yet. So back to the current things on the work-bench: I am not dealing with adversity as well as I should. I cut open the mould above without any huge mistakes or issues - there were one notable problem, which will be dealt with - which is obviously positive. Besides that, I have been having some amusing problem with the plastic-injectors (the things that look like big heroin-IV-injectors): Too much pressure made my new company work-area into a plast-fest: Sphluff(!) and there was hardening polyurethane on:

A) My hands and clothes.
B) On the wall.
C) On 100% of the desk, including, but not limited to:
     1) My paint-pots.
     2) My paint-brushes.
     3) The floor and my socks.
     4) This computer.
     5) Your mom (ooooh snap! didn't see that one coming, if you know whatamean).

Whatever. I then made this pre-mould out of lego and plastic card. This is but the beginning. What this means is that the mould for the Great Beast of the Plains (formerly known as GBoG) is nearing completion. Whenever after returning from Angola (yes, I am going back to Angola* once again) I will post a nifty little commercial and maybe you or someone else would like to get one, which can finally be arranged. A not so sweet delay of nearly a pregnancy in amount of months.

Speaking of months and years and seasons: Winter came early this year...

... and made a lot of us Swedes look like this: Having colds and looking un-awesome. Not at all like the kewl guys of tv-series Vikings, which I am likely the last person in the world to finally watch.

While watching Vikings I did some more work on the new Fastitocalon, and this is the wrong picture, I now realize, this is a much older one. Newer pictures will follow. I will most definitely make a mould out of this one, I really, really like how it is turning out. The smaller size makes it more viable for games as well! Looking forward to making a mould of it also, and painting it, nom-nom! My mouth is watering, such is the joys of finally making something I feel good about!

While I am being so positive, let's end with a joke...

*) Angola is the name I use to anonymize my trips, I haven't actually ever been there. Angola is a nice, exotic but still a bit crappy nation that nicely sums up "abroad" for Swedes I think: Could easily be Thailand or Finland or the US and Aaah or even Poland or the Caliphate of Germany (as it nowadays is called, which can be nice for non-Europeans to know). But I digest, good bye.

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  1. Sorry but you are mixing things up: Its the Caliphate of Sweden and the Ottoman Empire of German Nation ;-)

    1. Whoops, you are correct of course! XD The Ottoman Empire-etc is rather correct considering the "new" demographics of old Germania. Not sure why I am using a smiley considering the gravity of the situation, but that's gallows humour for us, I believe ;)

      On a sidenote, I am a bit surprised that someone read the whole text - sometimes I drone on and on and I think to myself: No-one will read it - merely look at the pictures - so I might as well throw something outrageous in there, something misantropic or non-PC, but hey-hooo, there you are reading it :D

      It actually made my day!