GBU November 2016!

It is mowember and I have just shaved my itchy moustache and I have also not partaken in the Extralife-charity after I read up on some of the details. Such is life, sad...

Life is often sad. But not today mr Frodo!

Besides that, what have I been doing? In case you care, here is a list:

1) Preparing for my Angolan trip. This includes casting some stuff as well as getting some social things done.

2) Failing miserably at casting: I got a bad batch of polyurethane which destroyed a mould of mine. The mould was of two heads of my Great Beast of the Plain as well as it's tail and an extra horn. I got super-depressed but turned that negative energy into plain energy, because only idiots get depressed when they fail. Failing is life and vice versa. So, I literally spent 1 billion hours researching how to not fail miserably again and now I have a headache from hell after reading 1 billion PDF:s about not failing when doing plastic-things. I also read a bunch of things pertaining to the juridical, criminal, demographic fail of Sweden.

3) Gotten a headache from hell.

4) Repainted the Moth Queen. Aaand taken a picture with the flash on. The colour-scheme is changed, and  it is in it's infant-stage as of yet. It can turn out acceptable in the end.

This is a correct representation of what I felt after 
co-signing the papers for ALL the assets of the "club".

5) Somehow gotten economic responsibility of all the assets of a certain "club". This includes property, money, documents and gear worth a bunch of SEK. This is highly unnerving. I am now responsible for not only my own company but also a bunch of other stuff. Weöw...

6) Made another mould. This is one of the moulds I royally fucked up with the cunning use of bad polyurethane. I have, for once in my life, considered complaining to the company where I bought it. Not sure if I have that in me, though (complaining that is). But it stopped me from finally releasing my GBoG to the populace so everthing is shit, currently.

7) Realized I need a female date for a dinner in January, so I will need to get back to a highly unstable but very thin and good-looking nutcase-of-a-girl. She must have gotten older by now. At least I hope she's slightly less volatile. But that's how it goes with hot girls/women, they have absolutely no need to have their shit together, so they are literally walking emotional bombs.

8) Forced myself to do some bloggin. Aaand fucked up this mould as well with the same shit-resin:

9) Have finally made the legs for this one (da thaaang below) but phone lost it's power so no new pictures. I intend making a mould and cast this guy. It looks really nice in fact, and I can't wait to paint it! Wihoooh!

10) And the tenth commandment is the new and reduxed fastitocalon. I have since this picture was camerized added barnacles and added some more character.

I had something funny to add to this picture, but I forgot. It doesn't matter. Expect an awesome update on Wednesday where the Moth Queen is finally painted and have her flying stand firmly attached to her 120 mm too-small-base.

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