No Nobel Peace Prize for Trump?

As a very Scandinavian man, I am used to things being fair. And as the last US president got the Nobel Peace Prize for the colour of his skin for some reason, I can only assume that this new president, who have openly stated - again and again - that he wants peace, that he wants to work together with Russia, who doesn't want the banker's wars, who just simply want to make America great again - then I can only assume he will be given the Nobel peace prize? Especially considering his colour of skin is orange and that is like super uncommon. Should warrant a Nobel prize, and if not for peace, then probably in literature, they give those to anyone nowadays, though You-can't-stump-the-Trump is not a nobody so maybe not then...

Maybe not. Remember folks, you heard it here last: Bob the Thief Dylan got the Nobel prize in litterature. So perhaps fairness isn't that important. It's more about how we portray ourselves I suppose. 

Gandalf the White, portrayed here as a redneck!

And we all love reading about other nation's politics on a hobby blog, don't we? That's how it is, I at least am obviously extremely happy how my fellow humans in the USA voted and I hope that everything goes well in the future. Also, I hope that we soon develop spacecraft so we can travel to other stars. Maybe Trump can make that happen? MAGA!

But I digress, this is a hobby blog, isn't it?

Version one of the head of the new and updated Moth Queen misses her snout which make her look a bit like a bat in the face. Version two is not shown here.

I have been casting up some cargo oxen to modify and then make better moulds of. It is only 10 months late. The original heads have been rescued and I will try to make a new mould ASAP.

But this is the last update in a few weeks, I am off to Angola once again. 

PS) It sounds a bit sarcastic, but I was and am I true Trumpist. I wholeheartedly supported him with the Swedish vote and that he can thank Swedish media for: At first I disliked him, but when Swedish media showed open contempt for him I started to rethink things. And lo and behold, an honourable man with good intentions was seen upon lifting the veil of the crooked mainstream media. Such is life in Sweden today.

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