A Mordorian victory!

Mordor versus Erebor. Played seven or so turns. The Dwarwes beat the Orcs up pretty bad, but there was just too many of Mordors lackeys. FoB had also barred himself from using archery, he just had a Ballista. In this case, the archers would have made the difference. But then again, Mordor didn't use any magic at all, but still managed to win. Just a slight win, but still a win.

Proof of the battle: A shaky picture of the Trolls' rampage. Turn six or seven or something.

As always, follow the links on this blog to decent battle reports, as I am still trying to figure out a better formula for my battle reports.
    The Morgul Knights turned out to be more efficient than expected. I thought their S3 would be the doom of them and looked through the FAQ:s for an updated strength - alas! - but they still managed to kill off a company of hard-as-nails Vault Wardens, just loosing a company of their own. Admittedly, FoB did roll pretty bad in that instance.

Interesting fight: A Mordor Troll against the King's Champion. They just stood there for two turns, staring at each other, doing nothing particular. While it sounds rather dull, I must admit it looked quite interesting, like they were sizing each other up and deciding to wait just a little bit longer, in case something smaller/less intimidating would turn up.

Games out 100 played: 4. Just 96 to go, and more than half a year left - eeeasy talget! With this speed, I reckon the 99th game will be played in November.

The battle ended prematurely after a physical fight between the players had ensued. The energy loss from said fight made FoB conceed in order to look for food and rest.
   WotR is a nice system if played with people that aren't your typical forumite or rules lawyer. SBG is still one of the better systems I have played*, whether it be a boardgame or tabletop wargame, but the grandiosity of WotR just takes the cake, for me. WotR all the way! Wooohoooo!

*) Again, if not playing against forum moderators, overly active "one-liner" forumites in general or rules lawyers. Especially thinking of people having trouble with the difference between 1/3 and 33% (use whatever, round down, issue solved OR try not to be a dick about it and try to break the obvious limit) or the "issue" with charging and aligning bases. Fuck you people who can't play the fucking game as it is intended! And fuck you people who thinks they are high-IQ logical "objective" masters saying: "Intended?! that's a question of opinion". No, it isn't, it's f*cking crystal clear what the rules intend in the cases above!

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  1. Good luck getting those games done..

  2. Why, thank you my dear reader for your sincere comment! I will get back to my Docteurs sans Frontier service here in Luanda, but I will surely remember your honest opinion regarding the probability of me finishing my 100th game this year.


    /Llama, le docteur

  3. I can't believe I missed a WOTR Batrep! Well perhaps it is a little understandable given the timing... Anyway well done on the victory for the Evil forces of Mordor, even without all the over-done magic.


  4. You're not the only one missing things here, look at the picture: I unknowingly cheated! The Morgul Knights formation consists of five companies. And six companies when the battle began. And the rules says: 1-4 companies. Hehehe.