Gondor Cart of Everliving Flame

Painting has continued. Tried to tidy up the banners, free-hand was nigh impossible due the possibly funniest episode of 40K Radio ever! I just laughed and shook, the lines around the banners looked like those ECG-meters or quake-o-meter printouts. The best thing is that Romeo was more or less back which made the episode really shine, as he usually does when he's on it. A grand 5 stars out of 5 for that episode.

Painting below. You may notice the plastic KoMT shields that the GotF:s will get...

Remember folks, to get a larger picture than blogger "allows", right-click and open in a new page!

Link to the great episode of 40K Radio.

EDIT: You may also notice that I don't even try to apologize for the bad quality of images. If I take enough pictures, one or two is bound to look good, so we'll just settle with that bit of information.

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