On the topic of theming...

On the topic of theming: Samurai Lizardmen . Look at all his other projects!

... and on the topic of great conversions and sculpts:

Samoht's WIP:s at the One-ring, which I guess many of you have already seen.

One of Samoht's finished WIP:s.

And for the lazy days of summer:

Bubbles and the Bible-salesmen.
Space Weed. "Aliens fucked over the carbonator in engine #4 I'm gunna try and re-fuckulate it and land on Juniper"
Ricky in court. "Thank you your majesty."

 And lastly, an interesting poll from GameFAQ:s about subtitles in games:

A little bit of this and that. Good day to you sirs. I'll be back soon with information about a certain Cave Drake which I do not have any space left to store, but still want to build.

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