Voila, Gondor Carroccio reworked!

First: I have updated a little more than the previous month, so please, take the time to go through one or two posts below this, especially the one about podcasts! The podcasters out there are great catalysts for many of us hobbyists.

With a lot of help from my brain I finalized the layout of the Gondor Carroccio, AKA Cart of Everliving Flame! It makes me happy:

The Gondor Cart of Everliving Flame is brought into battles as a reminder of the White City. It inspires the soldiers and gives a natural, mobile rally point and a (false) sense of security by its lumbering size and huge banners. Banners that mustn't be tainted!

The Guards of the Fountain Court (hereby known as GotFC) I choose for this project because they look elaborate enough for a ceremonial wagon such as this - and they fit in with the background story that was created for this project.
      Thank you mr FoB for giving me this Carroccio idea. And also to Jamie of Rough War (of the Ring) for when he was talking about a Knights of Dol Amroth as an awesome centerpiece. I think this project has pleased me more than the previous favourite: Very simple, but yet so satisfying project with the Isengard Orcs.
     By changing from a homemade Mumakil-sized base to the smallest of the bigger bases, and really cramming all the components in, I think it really made a difference - and also, it will be easier to game with. To make as a static model, like a warmachine, wouldn't do it right, I decided - even if it would have look good on a rectangular base, working as a passive bonus-giver - because of the oxen...

Now, time for Futurama season 7. Happy weekend wargamers and others!

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