Misty Mountains Overhaul

It has begun, the pieces are set and the final overhaul is beginning. The Great overhaul to end all overhauls.

Finally assembling the second Cave Troll with his fantastic mouldline on the main body and almost no such lines on the limbs. The Dragon is getting himself a new base with correct measurements. The other trays are getting the same treatment as the main formation: Cave-ish. I think there is time to rework the main formation as well...

The article on theming is soon done, expect it within the end of this month, or even tomorrow or whatever, I don't care! I do what I want.

Skip this if you are only interested in miniatures and Middle Earth
Some LOCAL news: It has come to my attention that the Grand Uppc0n is likely to not return. I passed the festival area upon its annual start before the weekend and I saw it was good and well. Alas, it will not return for the hot chicks were just too many to handle for the creators of the convention - it just grow too large (I guess one could make some sort of pun-intended/unintended here, but its just not Llama's style. Llama's style is talking about himself in third person, obviously). And I who just had discovered it: "The typical Uppc0neer is a young woman between 15-19... " sigh, I thought of it as some sort of Starwars convention with corresponding persons... who may all be interesting, but not really my type - these are more my type. They are scarce in these parts of the world, so Yay! for Italy!

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