Painting of Rohan Royal Knights and drinking some good coffee

How I am going about painting these excellent miniatures: GW Chaos Black primer. Basecoat and a sloppy wash. Tidying up with the basecoat colours and then just one little highlight.

Models from GW and Perry Miniatures. 

The horses need a lot more work but there's just no time for that these days, sigh... I regret to say this, but almost all of June and July and first half of August will be very slow on the posting on this blog - I will however try to get in a minimum of six posts each month, since this is what I think I can realistically manage...

And here's something different:

The sprues for the Mounted Men at Arms from Perry Miniatures. I ordered a box and got it after some time. They get 10 out of 10 from me. The Perry brothers seem to be maticuluous not only in their sculpting but also in their research, so they're probably fine from a historical point of view, if that's important to you. They are made in three different... - and there I lost my momentum, boring myself with a review that others have done better.
     But how to crowbar these into LotR?

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