Gundabad Blackshields

Gundabad Blackshields. I had, before the infamous loss against the Dwarwes of Erebor last week, a formation consisting of two companies, where only four of the sixteen warriors were actual Gundabad models. But, thanks to some good and priceworthy finds, the ratio is now much better: 50% true Gundabads and 50% super small plastic gobbos. I think the end result is great, the difference in size somehow really works well with the rag-tag feeling a goblin warband should have - even a elite one, such as this...

As with the rest of the Misty Mountains army, the trays will be themed accordingly, just a tad simpler than the rest: A few rocks, some battle damaged wargear scattered between the bases and a few white mushrooms and perhaps one or two stalagmites.
    With this I bid you farewell and hope you all shall be spared from "difficult" neighbours and their fighting dogs, their bombs, their amphetamine-crazy friends and other happy fun times such as vomit in front of your door and crashed windows - ah, yes, the perfect mix of cultures, pretend-poverty and holidays with warm weather. At least my pictures should get better now that the sun has returned.

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