Wargaming abroad

Just a minor update from my vacation travels. I never knew there was such a big fuss about llamas here in the capital.

An Angolan llama bill...

The Angolas are like other people in the world, but I am not wholly sold on this country, I must admit. The llama-obsession is unexplainable but still charming. The power-shortages ("brown-outs" as well as good old unplanned blackouts - just like India!) is the reason why ALL hotel rooms are issued with these fantastic contraptions:

Small oil lamps... in the shape of llamas! Dong! Most of  the capital's 12150-ish reported serious fires start with these babies.
     In other statistics, I have been told by my business acquitance mr Liang Li **** AKA "The Bright" that the sixteen fire trucks of Luandas eighty (unnecessary) arrondisemants/regions are all working fine, and I should not worry...

The Portugese/French influence is also very like its British counterpart in India, prevalent but slowly and surely pushed aside for something more... original...  A typical yet difficult prohibition on import of a certain type of plastics have made it impossible to find any wargaming stuff here! Not that I am overly astonished by this fact, it is still interesting to see Angolan oil interests influence a lowly worker like mr Llama in this direct way.

And lastly I must inform mr FoB of a fantastic find: A hole in the main street that is so large and deep it could fit me! Surely this is something to inform our local newspapers about! There can be nothing more important than this to waste people's time with! Picture will follow, the main street is rather busy, but the holiday Grand Paranga is coming up soon and the German "gems collector" in the hotel bar told me the streets will get pretty much empty during these two days. "Prezzy muss eempty, ja... "

Miss Angola.

All in all I am having a wonderful time here. My favourite shop below:

I suppose you can see for yourselves why... With a big fat kawalpo nawa, I leave you and gladly leave this internet cafe with its dinosaur tech (128kBit!) and steam-driven computers and its owner who's glaring over my shoulder and sometimes making a remark on something I can only assume be the time and the fan making my eyes dry out (bohoo!). Kawalpo nawa!



Summer vacation has commenced and this Llama will go about his freetime business. I'll be back 2012-08-25, so its going to be a long one. Angola, here I come! Okulombo, otai loko!

Leaving the barbwire of work behind:

Have a nice summer öörbady! Shilwapo nawa i den otai:ga loko:n (regniga sommaren)!

Water Horses - Spawn for goodguys

Water Horses. Either to be used as an over the top marker for some sort of magic thingie or spawn, or (unlikely) to be used as a unit in itself. Unlikely because I am not that happy with how it turned out, but it was a good lesson. Version two will likely look better. The bright colour scheme is due to the fact I tried to tie into my High Elf army, which is all about gold and blue. Bright.

EDIT: Forgot the normal disclaimer about it not being all finished visavi the painting (namely the small rocks at the bottom of the angry creek).


Custom tray for Ringwraiths done

It is done. I never bothered with a very much better paintjob, just darkened some of the metallics and added some green stuff to the boss and the Tainted. Voíla, finished!

Right-click to open a larger version of the image below in a new window:

Good day to you, gentlemen.


On the topic of theming...

On the topic of theming: Samurai Lizardmen . Look at all his other projects!

... and on the topic of great conversions and sculpts:

Samoht's WIP:s at the One-ring, which I guess many of you have already seen.

One of Samoht's finished WIP:s.

And for the lazy days of summer:

Bubbles and the Bible-salesmen.
Space Weed. "Aliens fucked over the carbonator in engine #4 I'm gunna try and re-fuckulate it and land on Juniper"
Ricky in court. "Thank you your majesty."

 And lastly, an interesting poll from GameFAQ:s about subtitles in games:

A little bit of this and that. Good day to you sirs. I'll be back soon with information about a certain Cave Drake which I do not have any space left to store, but still want to build.

A Mordorian victory!

Mordor versus Erebor. Played seven or so turns. The Dwarwes beat the Orcs up pretty bad, but there was just too many of Mordors lackeys. FoB had also barred himself from using archery, he just had a Ballista. In this case, the archers would have made the difference. But then again, Mordor didn't use any magic at all, but still managed to win. Just a slight win, but still a win.

Proof of the battle: A shaky picture of the Trolls' rampage. Turn six or seven or something.

As always, follow the links on this blog to decent battle reports, as I am still trying to figure out a better formula for my battle reports.
    The Morgul Knights turned out to be more efficient than expected. I thought their S3 would be the doom of them and looked through the FAQ:s for an updated strength - alas! - but they still managed to kill off a company of hard-as-nails Vault Wardens, just loosing a company of their own. Admittedly, FoB did roll pretty bad in that instance.

Interesting fight: A Mordor Troll against the King's Champion. They just stood there for two turns, staring at each other, doing nothing particular. While it sounds rather dull, I must admit it looked quite interesting, like they were sizing each other up and deciding to wait just a little bit longer, in case something smaller/less intimidating would turn up.

Games out 100 played: 4. Just 96 to go, and more than half a year left - eeeasy talget! With this speed, I reckon the 99th game will be played in November.

The battle ended prematurely after a physical fight between the players had ensued. The energy loss from said fight made FoB conceed in order to look for food and rest.
   WotR is a nice system if played with people that aren't your typical forumite or rules lawyer. SBG is still one of the better systems I have played*, whether it be a boardgame or tabletop wargame, but the grandiosity of WotR just takes the cake, for me. WotR all the way! Wooohoooo!

*) Again, if not playing against forum moderators, overly active "one-liner" forumites in general or rules lawyers. Especially thinking of people having trouble with the difference between 1/3 and 33% (use whatever, round down, issue solved OR try not to be a dick about it and try to break the obvious limit) or the "issue" with charging and aligning bases. Fuck you people who can't play the fucking game as it is intended! And fuck you people who thinks they are high-IQ logical "objective" masters saying: "Intended?! that's a question of opinion". No, it isn't, it's f*cking crystal clear what the rules intend in the cases above!


Gondor Cart of Everliving Flame

Painting has continued. Tried to tidy up the banners, free-hand was nigh impossible due the possibly funniest episode of 40K Radio ever! I just laughed and shook, the lines around the banners looked like those ECG-meters or quake-o-meter printouts. The best thing is that Romeo was more or less back which made the episode really shine, as he usually does when he's on it. A grand 5 stars out of 5 for that episode.

Painting below. You may notice the plastic KoMT shields that the GotF:s will get...

Remember folks, to get a larger picture than blogger "allows", right-click and open in a new page!

Link to the great episode of 40K Radio.

EDIT: You may also notice that I don't even try to apologize for the bad quality of images. If I take enough pictures, one or two is bound to look good, so we'll just settle with that bit of information.