Bits and Pieces - and an alpacka or two

Minor update, a bit of this and that...

Mr FoB and I met a few weeks back in my new place and had planned to get a game of War of the Ring going. However, as the cirumstances evolved - as they say in "important" banking-and-business-meetings - we never got to play the game. But the two sides looked nice. No points were counted and the Stone Brutes/Rhûn Automatons were there for the picture only.

Just thought it was time for some other stuff: It has been cold, so very cold that the above rarely happens. Too much clothes this winter!

My friend lives along the blue line in Stockholm. New tides in Sweden when the Swedes can't understand the commercials. Not that I care too much about commericals anyway, but it was a funny find - and an usurpringsing one.

... and on the commuter train, totally unrelated to the above story about the blue line, I could read that "Camera surveillance - for your personal safety". Ooooh please, go to fuck-offety land, please, will you! For my safety?!
    "You are being watched - for your own safety... " said in an omnious voice. I went ahead and took me the time to get a meeting with the security chief of this company, but they didn't want to speak about "security policies". I did get a another number to call though - it lead to the PBX (as I have been told it is called) of the company.  Of course. I couldn't even get a name of the person signing off on this. Cameras have been installed everywhere... we are nearing London in camera density. And they say that we aren't being listened to, but I have actually a little piece of experience that shows the opposite.
   But we all knew 1984 was 31 years ago. Much has happened since.

"Sometimes, when something is Mario, it isn't really Mario, it is in fact Lickey the Louse", I tried to tell my friends at a party later that day. But the women all thought camera surveillance was a good idea - of course, if you still think you're being looked at because you are a pretty girl... I did not have the heart to tell them that female beauty is like milk: It expires in a week. Men, however (which I "identify" as), we are like wine, we get better for each year, which of course is a sad misconception about bottled wine, but still...
    Hehe, could not resist that last piece. "Uppgång går före fall", which I hope not - I try to be humble, but even the sun has it's spots.

Made some fillers, really simple ones, but when painted they happened to look fine, which is always a nice surprise.

Here are the llamas - or rather, alpackas - I petted before Christmas. This happened to be in the same place as the bank I was typing about in last update, same city. Seems like that's where it happens. 

A bunch of models that I need to do something about. Since this picture was taken I have settled with how the Rivendell Waterspawn turned out (AKA "Lantiroch" in Sindarin, if you happen to be that nerdy). The bear turned out fine... I need to do something about the bases of the 13 dwarves as well as start to work on my Arnor army since I want to make a new faction for my version of War of the Ring - Arnor, that is, if you happen to be mentally impaired and did not understand that...

Found this little clip from a video-game called GTA V or GTA VI or GTA IV, with the little comment on women's driving... It is not the player that drives. Super funny. It just goes on...

To remind myself that progress is being made, I post this image. Though, admittedly, not much has been done with any of the models and it has been nearly 8 months since this picture was taken!
    Now, I am off to sillier things, adieu!

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  1. I take it the picture of the jeans-clad girl is NOT from your new hometown? Or has things improved visavis concordedly regarding insofar as that town is concerned?

    1. She is not... not she is... It was one of those internet-findings. Visavi, concordedly:


      (mot slutet så spårar Will Ferrel (spelar Matrixses father) ur).