Updated Armies: Gondor, Mordor, Isengard and Rivendell.

New pictures of varying qualities. After I had setup the whole table with my new daylight bulb and everything, I managed to get one (1) picture before the old Ixus died and I had to use the cell phone for taking pictures, didn't even get angry. Either it is maturity or it is just resignation of life - ah, yes, life, the female dog that keeps barking until you die...
     Regardless, or "irregardless" that a bigger idiot than I would say, here they are, the updated pictures:

Gondor. My homemade units in this army are the Golden Company, the Cart of Everliving Flame (with the coffin and the huge banners - it ties in with the royal Westrons' fear of death) and the ever-blue Pelargir Beast that has lost its handlers and troopers to mr FoB; the Pelargir Veterans were painted by me a long time ago, bought by mr FoB from the excellent - dare I say superior - sculptor Tom Meier, and now the models are in mr FoB's surpringsly-not-so-greedy-hands...
    Also, we can find the command base, a 64 mm base with a lieutenant, a banner bearer and mapper. I haven't made any good rules for these guys, so they are there for cosmetic purposes.

Harad. As you may have read on this blog, I have split up Fallen Realms into Rhûn and Harad. Harad gets the Corsairs (Umbar) and the half-trolls as well as the Mahûds. In this army, I have used Perry Miniatures' Somali Holy Warriors (Ansar) instead of official GW-models due to idiotic pricing from GW's side. In all honesty, fuck you Games Workshop.
     Again, due to camera-battery-malfunctions, the pictures with the kind of nice Mûmak was lost - it is in fact crewed with GW Mahûds! There are an unassembled Mûmak in my plastic-crack-container which I now and then look at but still holding out on.

Isengard. In this army we can find a few of my absolute favourite models/sculpts: The Uruk-hai Crossbow-men and the Uruk-hai Berserkers - absolutely wonderful models. Probably sculpted by the Perry brothers.

Mordor, Mordor on the wall, who is the biggest fairy of them all... this army, I'd say. It is unbeatable with it's cheaty formations and models.

Still a lot of work to be done with banners in Mordor. We'll see when I take the time to fix them. A couple of the trays were unpainted also, as it were, so that is something that I need to address.
    Too bad the picture quality is so bad, because I have made like 30-40 conversions in this army, not to mention the homemade trolls, the homemade Great Beast of Gorgoroth and the whole formation of ringwraiths, called (IIRC) The Nine are Abroad.

Rivendell. A smaller army with a bunch of conversions and some half-decent sculpting. I never got to implement the chariot and the white-water spawn in this list, but I am still considering to add it in my revised WotR-rules that will be released within the end of 2015, as promised.

A bunch of models are still unassembled for this army (and all the others) but I have now made ALL my armies playable (rules-wise) and painted all the bases, which turned out to be around 1900 models. Hence the somewhat lacking quality on some of the models.
   Have a nice weekend peeps.

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  1. Great collection with iconic miniatures ! Great paintjob ! Keep up the great work !

    1. Thank you Mario! It will look better when I have finished the Mirkwood/Lorien/Edheldu army!

  2. absolutely stunning armies Llama. the extra "cosmetic" models really bring a lot of character to the armies.

  3. Nice to hear that - though I do believe that they might very well scare off more pure Tolkien-fans :D They are a bit over the top for Middle-Earth.