Sculpting of Thranduil (The Hobbit-version)

I started by getting a trustworthy Mahdist Somali Ansar-base and removed some plastic that was in the way of my grand plan. Then, I added some kneadatite (from here-on known as GS on this blog) and away it went - and this time, according to plans, because my plans were simple and easy to follow.

His sword is a bit on the large side (that's not what she said, ha... ha... ) and above you can see that I tried a couple of different positions of the right arm, settling with a less energetic one, due to his un-elvenish pointing. My intention is to sculpt two or maybe three rings on the hands. It really makes it much easier to sculpt anything when you got ready hands and sort-of-ready faces to just attach. Granted, this particular face took me a lot of actual shaving of [plastic] beard.

Some shitty internet-places have started to collect images on a grand scale, I noted earlier (I sometimes check who steals pics from this blog via some simple means of ID:ing), and a bunch of mine and others have been uploaded to an annoying webpage where they are presented as their own. That is also the way of the internet, and perhaps I am close to either Siddharta Gautama's final enlightenment or maybe I care as much as a person standing on the tracks (for the last time), but I can't really say that I care that my images are stolen... but still, it annoys me. It still doesn't matter, because Google, the hydra of the internet, owns all my pictures that I upload on blogger...

Welcome mr Tamás as a follower, I did have trouble finding your place on the internet. You provided me with a 404... It is the way of the internet, I suppose...

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  1. Very impressive work - and very good humoured text :D Are you going to paint this fellow? Cheers!

    1. I want to paint him tonight, but I need to finish his crown. It looks utter garbage as we type. Not sure if I'll keep the thorn crown. Also, I am pondering on whether or not making another version, but in armour. Painting is not my strong side :) I'd rather sculpt and convert.

    2. That makes you a rare artist, lots of people paint, bettewr or worse - I speak for myself, of course! :D - but not many can sculpt like you! I´ll be back for more ! Hej då :)

  2. Svar
    1. Thanks Robert, again, I must say that your positive feedback (and others, of course) is really encouraging. I have never made so much progress in this hobby as when people are giving feedback, be it positive or negative!

    2. I know exactly what you mean. Everything I posted on my blog was more or less an healthy answer to the positive challenge of comments!

    3. It helps motivate one a lot, doesn't it?

  3. And you have done a lot of progress, I can say!
    Very nice, keep sculpting!