Army of the Crazy King of Rhûn

Finally done. It looks a little bit smaller than I thought it would. Missing are the two Rhûn Automatons that are still just in sculpting/converting phase one. There are few companies of Easterling warriors in the plastic hill (featured in the post below this one) but I have forbidden myself to assemble any more models for now.

Pictures were taken at night under a yellow light bulb. The trays and bases looks really boring, but they aren't IMHO, it's the light in the images that makes them look almost unpainted...

The banners aren't fully painted yet, but the basic look is there.

 Quite heavy on cavalry and charioteers. 

The Crazy King of Rhûn is carried into battle on 
his palanquin that looks like a flying mat.

Inspired mainly by WHFB, there has been a slight desire, from my part, to make some sort of slave unit. The slave unit's existence would be explained thusly: The Crazy King is carried by slaves and his kingdom is saturated with slaves so naturally, he'd use them as screening units. Also, I would like to have more infantry in this army as it is quite heavy on the cavalry side:

Army of Rhûn, led by the Crazy King

- Crazy King of Rhûn on Scarlet Palanquin.
- Easterling Phalanx, three companies with lion and drummer. Banner just for show.
- Easterling Regiment, three companies, captain, banner bearer, war priest and Amdûr.
- Easterling Archers, two companies.
- Easterling Cataphracts, four companies, banner bearer.
- Easterling Cataphracts, three companies.
- Khandish Warriors, one company. The only reason for this one is to make the army slightly more legal with regards to the common/rare balance.
- Khandish Horsemen, four companies.
- Khandish Charioteer.
- Khandish Charioteer.
- Khandish Charioteer.
- Khandish Charioteer.
- Khandish Charioteer.

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I do not foresee this army being used in 2013. Perhaps 2014 will be the year for the Crazy King to show what he's made of...

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Another torched car exploded really close to my apartment and made the windows judder. They just won't quit. Almost everyday something's torched or someone is getting hurt without reason... And the MSM won't speak of it, no "everything's fine, just fine"...
    The only good thing is I now know that cars do explode Hollywood-style after burning for a while, I always thought that was added for "dramatic effect"...

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  1. Great looking army Llama. Love the centrepiece of the crazy king. You don't think that you have somehow invoked his anger and it is he blowing up cars by your place?

  2. Thanks!

    The Crazy King sort of looks like the guys rampaging the 'hoods... so... yes, there's definitely something to what you're saying ;D

  3. An impressive sizable force! Sorry to hear about the annoying sound effects!

    1. Thanks, Scott! I am aching to try it out for a battle but my only opponent has left the country for a year so it'll have to wait. Or... I could play a battle against myself... hm...