Tiny hobby-update!

Work has been bearable this week, which is always something to strive for... Despite working slightly  less than normal I haven't had the time to do especially much hobby. Just got to basing the guys and girls below - which aren't fully painted yet! Except for Saruman and (sort of) Gandalf. Elrond needs his eyes painted... and so on...

Oh, and also, I got to paint the Elrond model I got in one of my model-exchanges (thank you thewarhammerforum for providing these opportunities for us enthusiasts to meet!). I am very happy for this model as I can now have one regular in the Rivendell army and another for...
      ... a themed tray for the next planned project, which will be The White Council. Haven't decided if I should use my bleak copies (DIY:s using official models as blueprints, they are not actual pirated models!) or the regular, official models from Games Workshop... The Galadriel model didn't turn out well enough, I think. Perhaps my double-plus un-good sculpting may be counter-weighted with my paintbrush. For Christmas, I would like to have three Galadriels: One as a regular Galadriel, one in war-form and a third to modify as a tree-broad for my Edheldu army.

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