Nobel Prize in Litterature, Alice Munro

Last year's winner was mr Mo Jan (haven't read a word he's written - if anyone can recommend anything by him, please do so in the comments below), and before him we had a Swede taking it: Tomas Tranströmer (eng. Thomas Crane-Streamer) which was, for me, unexpected but acceptable - Tomas Tranströmer writes like any laurate of the Nobel Prize in Litterature - he knows what he's doing, he knows his handicraft - but alas, he is not my cup of tea. These two, as most of the laurates in the 2000's (with the exception of mr Pinter, naturally) are all good writers. Alice Munroe, then? She presents her slow stories with a steady hand and she does it well. I wouldn't say she is my favourite, but then again, I haven't read much of her. The point with mrs Munroe winning is that she writes short stories.
     The Japanese laureate of 1960-something (late 60's), mr Yasunari Kiwabata/Kawabata, wrote some semi-short stories which I have always appreciated. So, when a writer specializing in short stories won, I was happy. They made a barely acceptable decision.
    Still, the Academy is slowly degrading into a bunch of postmodern halfwits, like most things/official persons in this country. The fact that the extremely well read and cultivated Horace Engldahl was replaced with the globalist yes-man Peter Englund just shows what's going on. Not all is lost though, there are a bunch of other, real men on the list of members of the Academy... but the new tides brings the yoke of quotas even inside this old cultural pillar of society: Five or six women are also members! Two, maybe even three would've been almost too much... but now, women (no problems with women, I should say, it is just that it is the wrong type of women that gets chosen in these cases), globalists and leftists are taking over, just like everything else in this crime-riddled country...
    Maybe I am exaggerating, but it doesn't bode well for the Academy. Just look at the "Nobel" Peace Prize. Nobel never wanted to have a "peace"-price, knowing just how political it'd become! And remember folks: "Nobel" Peace Prize is not handed out during the true festivities of Nobel, in Stockholm, but in Oslo - it has nothing to do with the true Nobel ceremonies.
     Lastly, if you ever think that Bob Dylan should win the prize, please go kill yourself.

By the way: Nobel Peace Prize, what a joke... giving gold and money to terrorists, idiots and globalists... and an American president who had done nothing except won an election.

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Horace Engdahl

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Hr-hrm...in conclusion, Canadian writer Munroe won this year's Nobel's litterature prize.

EDIT: Oh, the irony of a pretentious post like this, to spell mrs Munro's name wrong as well as miss the difference between "price" and "prize".

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  1. I was a bit baffled by the choice of Alice Munro. I am Canadian and think that Margaret Atwood would have been a more appropriate recipient. Atwood is an amazing writer.

    1. It is my sincere hope that you return to this post and type down some sort of blog of your own so that I might enquire further on Atwood. My dear friend - who is way more literarly schooled than I am - said the same thing: Atwood.

      I am rather interested in this. I do hope you read this comment - I've been off the internet for some weeks and managed to miss this input.