Congrats to mr FoB!

HEPP! This post have very little to do with miniature wargaming. It is just a little reminder to my blogging colleague (and of course to all you other kind readers, bloggers and hobbyists out there) that he needs to update his blog! It is also a little congrats to said blogger, FoB. I have painted the models in the title of his blog... hr-hrm... just sayin'... hr-hrm...

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Typically, a gift from this particular Llama, generally means it is a gift for Llama himself. This is of course because I am a rather self-opinionated man (this was the closest word for "självgod" that I found, there doesn't seem to be a better translation). And this post, meaning as a little gift for mr FoB, is mainly catering towards myself. Below are things that have amused me. Some of the images you might have seen before.
    Firstly, this (look to the left) took a large part of hobby time yesterday. A simple but effective hall0ween-costume. I intend to add sprouts and wear a green body-suit/one-piece (instead of my pajamas, as seen on the image - yes, that's how well dressed I normally am, that I consider this a pajamas*). Preferably, there will be a green bin present at the party place which I joyously can slowly rise from. Teeth will be added for biting young women's necks.
      Anyway, below a few demotivationals. We are all sick and tired of these things, but there still are a few that can amuse. Most of them are "played out", as it were, but still, I do not think that mr FoB has the time to look these things up, so here's a free sample of what the internetz have to offer:

*) I am lying. Rarely do I wear either pajamas or full, dark suit.

Please, do take the time to read the thread above, which I had to split into three pieces because blogger resampled the original image, it was too tall or something.
 Engrish translations... just can't stop laughing when looking at it!

I especially like this post from a rather well-known forum here in Ultima Thule. Quite typical. And in some ways symptomatical for the New Sweden. Notera det inringade.

This is how it is right now, considering the weather and the not-so-sweet damp rug of leaf-mash that covers every-flipping-thing! I hope you are all well in the warmness of Abroad mr FoB! I do, however, have my hobby to warm me:

Yours truly, making stuff!

Below we can see the same bro-tip I gave a co-worker a while ago, and a bro-tip which I luckily enough found before I was very fooled by a girl-human. Oh, the irony...

Gareth made a comeback... slightly meaner and less annoying. When will season four air? Finished the last book a few days back. Just realized the wedding I almost spoiled for someone was already shown in season three - SPOILER ALERT: Tyrion married Sansa...

- - -   - - -   - - -

Hobby update will follow, just wanted this out of my system...

/Llama, autumn of 2013.

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