This is the current backlog. Until I get a new place to live in, it will stay like this. Is it not sad? Well, not sad exactly, but it is a little... un-fun to just look at all this plastic and know it'll have to wait...

Below, I present you with a silicone mould that at least will let me finish the Rhûn project which is on again. I think I've stopped work/resumed work on that particular project around 20 times now. It is now on again.

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Personal BS added for my own enjoyment
I should add - probably a redundant statement - that I am pressed for time and hence updates will be super-slow. I have started spending some time with another girly-co-worker which is more serious about me wasting my time with her, but I'll soon have her packing. Her predecessor lasted exactly two dinner-dates and some evening-time before I almost got smothered (literally, she litterarly tried to smother me with a pillow! No, not really... but the looks I get from her nowadays at work, wow! If looks could... and so on). Also, search for new job takes a lot of the evening time I normally used for hobby.

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  1. Greetings Llama. Quite a plastic mountain there. Far more important to chase girls, than paint models. Update us on progress.

    1. "It is... " he answered laconically :) But everything's so simple and easy when it is just the minis! The minis are, however, just as expensive as dinner dates... I wish I wasn't such a chauvinist man-pig that I always MUST take the check - if not, that plastic mountain of mine would've been bigger!