Revampation of Dwarf Holds

In my ongoing effort to freshen up - according to my original plans, as devised in the interesting year of 2008 - all my armies of War of the Ring, it is now time for the dwarves. Interestingly enough, the spelling of dwarwes is now dwarves... two years ago, search engines corrected me for typing dwarves and pointed at their idea of correct spelling of these fantasy creatures, which of course was dwarwes. Games Workshop's idea of how to spell it is not interesting. So, today we shall spell it "dwarves", since I am such a lame-@ss conformist (just watched the Goth-kids-episode of South Park).

Above we can see parts of the army, consisting in total of around 150-160 models, or 19 infantry movement trays plus one cavalry tray (for the ballista) and a compound-base with a diameter of 60mm, with slots for three infantry models, which of course are the King's Champion and his two banner-bearer bros.
    I am toying with a mixed hero formation of two companies for the thirteen companions. Rules would be fun to make, so perhaps I'll post them here. Also, finally learned how to make a PDF... the solution's spelled "Open Office". Yay for me...

The first colours applied on trays and bases are Coat d'Arms' 112 Bone (Bleached Bone). Later a wash of 120 Hairy Brown and Citadel's Codex Grey was added. And lastly a dark wash consisting of CdA's 102 Black with some residual paint that was stuck in my paint container, all in an ongoing effort to make my hobby harder than it is, hehehe... (not done on purpose, if anyone missed my bad internet-irony).

Personal ramblings - this is a blog about hobby and things related to my hobby, and personal life tend to affect how said hobby is carried out! Hence the large piece of text below...

Life's been interesting these last days... a little bit of this and that. A sweet meeting with a sweet, young lass at a party, where the mean age was (almost) frighteningly low, lucky I was there to drag the mean up a bit...
    After watching Elysium, I now know why the young creature fell for me.
    After watching Elysium, I am currently annoyed with the whole affair presented in that garbage movie - which still was a great production and highly entertaining, though a bit boring with all the action and fights, but that's the kind of movie it is, so I can't fault it for that: No, the idiot message that idiots in this country will take with them are of course the silly, and faulty, parallells of how evil all of the indigenous population in Euroland are and how we should "save" the whole world.
    Spoiler alert: Elysium turns into a mini-Earth a few years after the "revolution" and looks exactly like L.A., before come crashing down on Earth in an enormous ball of fire and death. Great message, but this message, and its natural consequences are all too well-known for us here in Sweden - at least us living in the banlieus/förorter/"projects". The New Sweden has started its descent, or crash more correctly, and is already on fire - I just have to look out of my window during weekends to see it for myself.

- - -    - - -    - - -

Works been frustrating as usual, but despite being heavily understaffed, it's been not overly tough on my temper and body, so it feels well. It can change in an instant, so I'm still on the backfoot.
    Also considering to be my own man for at least a half-serious try, end of 2014, when it seems inevitable that I'll get laid off. Or fired, more like it...
     I had some negotiation practice* with my boss, related to the annual salary-talks (google translate says: "wage bargaining", if anyone has a problem understand what "salary-talk" means... salad-talks... ), it went so-so, as expected, but I managed to convey the message of how arbitrary their view on my work has always been. This year it was praise and just a single, totally faulty critique. There are valid critique to be placed on how I do my work, but the pace isn't a problem, on the contrary: I am super-efficient. But still, this was their only message: Pick up the pace, or else... I suggested to them that perhaps they are confusing me with someone else. Sour faces was the only answer given.

*) My negotiation skills are extremely low. Lower than I care to confess!

- - -    - - -    - - -

Tomorrow after work I'll probably do the book-thingie-post that a lot of bloggers have already done, you know, the Bloggers A-Z of Books, or something like it. Books are always fun!

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  1. Jaay for chicks at parties! In other news, I do appreciate that you keep me up to speed on internet memes. Those pictures in your earlier post were high-laarious.

  2. Yaaay!

    Happy to spread the joy of memes and cöuch/söffa etc, etc.

    Thank you for stopping by mr Mister, it was about FoB:ing time :D

  3. These look really nice!

  4. Thank you mr Barks! It has been pleasant to work with these vanilla dwarves so hopefully I can finish them before Sunday - I'll be working overtime on the holy resting day(!) so no hobby on that day...