Movement tray for Thorin & Company

With regards to rules, you could go two routes: Either, the War of the Ring-standard way, which is to let each and every character give some flair to the formation in form of a little special rule, for example, "Ori's Slingshot" giving the formation the ability to sniper something each turn with a low strength hit - whatever. Or, I could do the boring but (for me) the only way I would ever be able to use them in a game: Just make them a fighty formation, with a maximum of three, possibly four, special rules, all directed to the collective, such as "Dwarves in Diaspora" or "Fight for Our Home" which would do whatever, really. I have decided to do both, just for the fun and hobby of it.
     But first, the formation needs to be constructed.

Don't bother clicking on the image, the picture quality is beyond crap. Not like these sweeties below:

Thank you mr Dryck over at katastrofalaskivomslag.blogspot.se for providing these inspiring images.

The dwarf army was sort of finished. The image is shit, to be frank. Phase two is done, but I'll wait with phase three until I have finished renovation of either the Rohan army or the Rivendell army... I am also finally working with updating my WotR-rules, which I will publish here. If someone can point me in a direction for how-to's to upload PDF:s (and subsequent downloading here on the blog), please, do so!

My bosses (seen above, please note the guy with the nut-cracking man-camel-toe - didn't even know it was possible) have in another schitzofrenic vision decided that "Llama, he's a standup guy, let's promote him!", forgetting all the former fantastic catastrophes I've been semi-responsible for. "Okay", was my answer which I remembered to finish with a rather pertinent question of... "Who will be my work group?"
    "Oh, don't worry about that, just some guys and girls, no worries! And you'll be acting pit-boss, so you don't have to worry about signing documents or getting a payraise. It's settled then, great! See ya' in four!".
    Four weeks, he meant. And left me standing there. I later met my workgroup and presented myself: 16+3+X number of temporaries! How on earth do they think I am competent to deal with this, with my idiot-schedule and overtime? Lucky this is a menial and simple job, IMO...

Lastly, I do not get this Google Plus thing. I tried to comment on mrs Sofie Wandersmissens blog but it was impossible for me to understand how (impossible=I was lazy and had no patience for internetz at the time). I also still have no idea how to become a "Member" on a blog or "Follow", even though I have 31 followers! And what can I then do with this? Is it easier to read and see updates? I don't know...

That's it for tonight!

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  1. For upload PDF. Google Drive or Dropbox.

    1. Thanks mr Benoit! I shall try Google Drive.

  2. Great work Llama, I never knew you were in a band.

    1. Hahaha! For one moment I thought you seriously thought I'm in a band!

      The page where I found the album cover is in Swedish, and I don't think Google Translate will do it justice, but there are some hilarious old album covers over there: katastrofalaomslag.blogspot.com