Movement tray for the 13 dwarves

Two attached trays. Sixteen slots in total. I have listed each dwarf and the symbols of their journey below (they were just crow-bared in, no finesse this time):

Front row, from left to right: Dori (the "fruity" one, Thorin - leader of the expedition, Oin (the hearing-impaired one) and Fili.
Second row, left to right: A barrel too small to go down a river with, but still, a barell to tie in to that whole business. On top of the barrel sits a black-bird (I think it is) because I connect birds with dwarves after reading The Hobbit. Indeed, it was another type of bird in the book, but a bird as small as that one would not have been practical on this tray.
     To the right of the barrel we find Dwalin, the tall dwarf; and by him stands Bofur and Nori.
Third row, left to right: Bifur and Balin, Gloin and Fili. Wedged between them lies a severed warg head.
Back row, left to right: A mushroom ring and the beginning of a dead and squashed spider. Ties in with Mirkwood. Just as the arrows on the barrel does, which I forgot to mention above.
    Besides the mushroom ring we find the youngling Ori with his slingshot and Bombur, the eating-disorderly dwarf.

Left to do is to glue on some minor details and then basecoat. See you in a few days or nights.

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  1. This is coming on very well

    1. Thank you! It is always nice to hear your kind words! I am sorry that I am quite bad myself of stopping by at other places and send my regards and best wishes - I am trying to better myself in this matter :)

  2. Great work - but why does it look like there is a big bite out of the bottom one?

    1. I edited out my thumb - I have a rather characterful thumb/hand and me being anonymous is important to me - although I am well aware that my IP and all those other traces can be tracked, so I am not SUPER paranoid, it's just that some things I type and hint at here could easily lose me my job.

      Because this is the New Sweden... Wouldn't be the first and certainly not the last.