Upcoming releases for the Hobbit

A whole bunch of (soon to be) releases... Presumably from the latest issue of White Dwarf which I didn't get, but probably will go and buy tomorrow. Just two more weeks before The Hobbit 2 is released. The Hobbit - Desolation of Smaug, IIRC, it is called more precisely.

Barrels out of Bond at GW:s homepage.
Mirkwood Rangers. Looking sleek.

Also soon to be released are: Palace Guard captains, Palace Guard (seen above, the christmas gift-box is not included in the sprue), an updated Thranduil which might be the first "fine"-cast model I buy, normal Beorn, some characters - Laeglaer and his girlfriend from Lost (which I despise, and I can't imagine I am the only one, though most I've talked with seem to love her: "She's super cute - kawaaiii!". Her character in Lost was awful and I have made the typical idiot-thing to confuse her character with the real person...

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  1. Thanks Llama, they do look interesting. I like how they have released only a supplementary rules as well. I'm waiting to see how they do Smaug and a new necromancer as well. Might be tempted here with a mirkwood setting.

    1. Am definitely looking forward to the new necromancer! Though I am fearing Benedict Cumberbatch will not show his pretty face without some serious CGI/make-up, but typically I think they managed to portray almost all the different characters really well (so far). Although they might not be my cup of tea design-wise, they still are *really* well done designs.

      Smaug, I fear will, not be of my particular liking.

      You should most definitely do a Mirkwood-army!