Not-so-excellent wingman...

I just came home from a company Christmas party and have a little story to share; as I have stated before, this blog is also a little bit about my life. It is interesting for myself to re-read some posts sometimes and remenisce (if that's how you spell it... ), so I'll keep those posts coming, just ignore them - typically I make it quite clear when hobby talk stops and personal ramblings begins.

So, here is the next big project. I will not have time for any The Hobbit-stuff which is really sad but understandable, there's stupid little time inbetween work and the few free hours I have - so very few that I even missed getting a ticket to The Hobbit - Desolation of Smaug. I will rectify this. And of course, there must be time left over for hobby-stuff and updates on the blog!

I will make another movement tray in resin tomorrow and then I'll have a smallish (in WotR-standards) Rohan army. I have a hero unassembled somewhere that's missing from the picture. Generally I must say that the Rohan models are really, really well sculpted - and the heroes are not an exception. While some plastics in the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings line might be subpar (yes, Wood Elf warriors, I am talking about you), I think that the Warriors of Rohan are okay. The size difference between the metals and the plastics is bearable. The problem comes with some metal heroes (I think it is Eomer, in particular) when you place them on plastic horses. They look like ponies.

In this army we find (can't remember the correct names on the formations):

- Rohan Militia, 3 companies with banner
- Rohan Archer Milita, 3 companies
- Grimbold's Helmingas, 2 companies and full command
- Riders of Rohan Eored, 6 companies
- Outrider Eored, 4 companies
- Rohan Royal Guard Eored, 2 companies

And a lot of heroes.
    The above will all be repainted. All trays will get paint and washes and perhaps some more static grass. This is not a project I am looking forward to, but the result is something I am looking forward to, if you know what I mean with that.

Personal ramblings
Some qoutes below contain bad language.

This anti-wingman of mine is the workmate I've been working with the longest time in my career as a --- -------. Double-digit number of years... but he is the single most annoying little piece of shit I've ever known. I won't go into detail into why - but we'll settle with his criminal record who didn't stop him from getting his job (he got quite a few relatives higher up in the hierarchy), a criminal record that contains, but is not limited to aggravated assault, theft of different kinds, narcotis-crimes etc. It is A Clockwork Orange, this whole country!
      Of course he arrived to the party not only very drunk, but also under the influence of "coke", "pills" and the stuff you smoke, and I qoute: "To even thingz-oout... Llama... you listening! Stop looking so annoyed, what's up bro! Hey, hey, hey! I am talking to you - what's up, haven't got layed in a while?! Ey, man, whaddaya doing - yeah, leave... " And turns to the rest of our company "He's boring. He'll fuck the new boss. She's hot, I'd fuck her. I could."

When I came back to check on the female workmates (to see if he started his annual Christmas-groping and stop him from doing so), after talking to some other workmates for fifteen minutes he was the same, but now he couldn't even pronounce even the simplest words. When I finally got a moment with this new very hot female boss and commenced my tacky seduction phase (which, if it please mylord, I might add worked wonders - who knows why - but yay for Christmas parties!) he started doing some form of drunk encouragement in the form of fingerbanging in the air with his left and right hand. He didn't have any guns in his hands, just to make it obvious what he did. She left, annoyed - she wouldn't have any problems following me home, it's just that she didn't want everyone to see it. Of course. Thanks idiot. I literally strangled him in "good-humoured way" and the message went through but God do I hate this man-boy... I left early.
    I just wanted to get this off my chest. It might amuse someone. In retrospect it kind of amuse me as well. It was a nice little party in most other aspects. Heheheh, what an idiot: "Hey, bro!"

A lot more things happened, but in order to keep my Llama identity safe, I will exclude those little anecdotes for now.

Almost lastly...
I would like to welcome three new followers: Mrs Sofie Vandersmissen (whom I tried to give some feedback on a post but couldn't due to Google+ and my not-so-abundant computer knowledge), mr Legatus Hedlius and mr Mario Morrhaye!
    A beautiful day I will learn this Google+ thing.

... and lastly
This has become such a text heavy piece of post that I might as well add these links, without much further information, I just put them aside to post some time when they felt relevant, but I always forget:

The joy that is Monte Savino. I really want to go see this. Such a good natured little convention.
A google search on Dwarven Forge which is interesting from a hobby point of view.
One of mr Scott's best projects, IMO, but I am clearly biased as a LotR fan.
Mr Onyx's Lord of the Rings armies.
A blog that I must add to the sidebar.
Really interesting post on contrast in miniature painting.

This list feels a little like the spamming of that guy on TMP, what's his name... something with "01" in the end of his username. Tango-something...
      Anyways, good night!

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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome!

    Greetings, Sofie

    1. Cheers, mrs Sofie! One day I'll figure out this whole Google+ thing ;)

  2. Thanks for the welcome !

    Greetings , Mario

    1. Always glad to see new bloggers and readers! Please, feel free to C&C here and give us a link of your own blog/projects if you have any!

  3. It could be that not getting off with the boss, could be construed as a good thing... there are usually notorious ramifications of post xmas party activities, that can make the work place an uncomfortably place to be...!
    Thanks for the link too, I agree it was very pleasing to paint up these figures... I must get back to some LOTR work!

    1. Hehehe! " not getting off with the boss, could be construed as a good thing" You are very much right!

      In fact, it happened with the girl-boss I had before (she was a "quota-boss", due to her being from abroad AND a *young* woman - in PC-world, that's triple the good, regardless of your education or competence, which she lacked both), it must be two years ago now, maybe three... Well, nothing did happen, I rejected her closing-ins and she sandbagged me for the rest of her short career at the company. I still suffer the consequences when I get the pay check each month.

      She is on maternity leave now, thank God, so I won't have to deal with that wannabe-succubus. I sometimes - with fear - wonder if I would have been the father at home with her, if she considered me as father-material...

      Personally, I would highly appreciate if you went back to do some LotR! I need to repaint my own White Council, they look double-plus-ungood if compared to the works of certain former UK-residents now living in NZ ;)

    2. LOL, sounds like you dodges a bullet there! ;-)

      I hope to get to do the Hobbit dwarves, as part of Curt hobby challenge that kicks off on the 15th, and get properly motivated - going to see DoS at cinema this weekend - can't wait! :-)

    3. Sure did!

      Missed the release of tickets for DoS and am leaving town shortly after the premier. I will take my chances standing outside and hope for some person in a group cancelling and me taking the ticket, just got to see it on Saturday which is the only free day I've got!