GBU, December 2013.

Are you truly bored? Then please, go on and read this mess. Otherwise, move on, nothing with relevance to wargaming is presented in this particular post.

Another General Blogging Update. This time just a bunch of Zeldas.

Dunland and some pertinent publications on a blog.
Lonely Gamer, another blog that looks interesting.
International Geek. A bunch of LotR-model-images.
How to trick an online scammer...

Well, not just links, there's an endless rambling going on below...

The last link is really Tang0001 in it's irrelevance (and there's probably a bunch of v1ruz on the page), but I liked/linked it, since scammers are such annoying criminals, and it is funny to read about them being fooled themselves, especially since they rarely get bad stuff back due to the view on their type of crimes:
       Violence-crims often times get a knife "misplaced" in their bellies or backs by similar minded "colleagues"; and other types of criminals regularly goes to prison or aren't even respected by the police (the police dare hitting them when they're in their custody, which our blue defenders will NOT do against crims they're afraid of, which of course are the first group mentioned, the hurtophiles). With scammers, however, it is another story: Many times they can go their whole lives without getting more than a dozen slaps on the wrist, sometimes even when they've cheated old people out of all their lives' savings...
   But I digress (and somehow motivated the last link, or, as Borat would say: Nooot!)

Oh, my... !

Oh my, how very little hobby there is going on today. Just to prove that even the sun has its spots.

The plans for 2014 might include, but not limit themselves to, buying my first finecast/failcast model. For some reason I can't stop thinking of the Wood Elf king (in a platonic way, of course), Thranduil. And not because the actor and the releveant staff around his effort did a great job, but because the model's just doin' it for me. So I want to open up my wallet and just stick the bills in the GW-guy's hand.

Another "wallet" I want to "open" that's "just does it for me" is Lindsay (Portia d'R.). The inuendo is somewhat amusing. Yes, it is the same link as before. I wasn't finished with the comparisons to Thranduil, by the way: Another hand I want to "stick my bills into" etc etc etc, I'm boring myself here...
     Though, when re-googling her, I might reconsider on my effort to woe [or is it woo?] this lesbian - not due to her way of life, got no probs with that, surprisingly enough... no, I just meant she was smoking hot during that season. Oh, my...
    Sorry P., that's life for you, a hard knock life... Not the sweet life of allowance and state-support these guys live in:

This is a banlieu, by the way, I mention these contraptions (because that's what they are, magical contraptions - and not dwellings - to make life wonderful for some that live in them, and awful for their neighbours - a dark magic indeed). I live in Sweden's counterpart to a banlieu, which is called something else, a term we will not utter here (I do not want traffic from people searching for that term). It is not as "enriched" by trash as this one, but near enough sometimes:
    One evening when I got tangled in an old bike-wheel in the staircase where I live, there was a grand annoyance accumulation that started to push out the vein on my forehead (I was mad as a grown, disciplined man of Europe could be) I collected all the garbage I could find in the stairwell and threw it out on the street whilst actually letting out angry, suppressed screams. A pile almost as tall as myself towered besides the entré.
     For one year the garbage pile laid there, slowly sinking into the ground. A few of the bikes were "removed" by neighbours. The TV was smashed and then removed by someone. The chair I smashed against the stairs in a little real-life rage-quit (can't quit life, so smashing things is a good substitute, though sometimes "quitting" certain neighbours lives seems almost inevitable, but then there'd be no updates here for 10-11 years), some of the boxes were actually kindly removed by one of the neighbours that saw the whole affair.
    I had a little end point when starting typing this, but I'll just wrap it up with the image below, showing my anger at the time:

There's another reason this Tesseract-operator in green (like the Hulk, just sayin') was posted, besides making a really bad comparison between my mild face when angry and his evil green: If one were to make another Sauron model (we already have Sauron the Necromancer from when the supplement Lord of the Rings: SBG: Fall of the Necromancer were released), this model is of course way too large to use to portray the beautiful black cloud of The Necromancer from The Desolation of Smaug... the model could, however, be used as template for a design, I think. Another not-to-play-with model...

- - -   - - -   - - -

But I digest, as Peter of Family Guy once wrote...

To do in 2014: Post a little walkthrough on the casting project which includes a llama, silicone, polyurethane and some plastically injectionalized Warriors of Dale-model-miniatures.

Play some *** darn games of War of the Ring. I have been trying out some rules using tiny wooden blocks and pieces of artist's cardboard, and using the same numbers when moving but exchanging inches to centimeters - which was the only thing that worked smoothly, in fact - but it is not even close to the real del when it comes to the feeling of a game of WotR, naturally.
      There were some interesting notes taken with regards to the rules-project, so it is an acceptable form of playing WotR since it worked so well to scale it down, IMHO.

I don't think there will be any further posts of relevance to War of the Ring in the near future, so I recommend those of you interested in hobby not to read - perhaps even avoid skimming even - the next post. Possibly also this one... Good night!

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